Breaking: FBI Reopening Investigation into Hillary’s Emails: By Chris Rush

Big story from the FBI today that is sure to dominate the news cycle this weekend. Congressman Jason Chaffetz has just tweeted :


So apparently, the FBI just found some new emails that might have classified information on it.

Don’t know where this is going folks. Could be just a few emails that they have to verify, then they’ll close the case next week. On the other hand, the re-opened investigation could easily drag on past the election, sowing renewed doubts into people’s minds about what was in those 30,000+ deleted emails. One thing’s for sure, this will not be helpful for the Hillary campaign. Stay tuned, this could get interesting…

Update: It appears that emails were discovered in a totally unrelated investigation that warranted the reopening of the investigation. And worse yet for the Clintons — NBC News says investigation likely to drag on for more than 11 days:

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