4 Steps in 4 mins on how to end abortion.

Abortion can and will end if we ALL do these four things. Are you tried of the endless decriminalized murder of babies in our nation. Abortion has been legal for over forty years and now is the time t...[Read More]

ALERT: Finally a Plan to End Abortion! Church, this is Your Wake Up Call!

Over the past couple of years, we have increasingly felt the burn of God’s heart regarding the murdering (aka “issue”) of the unborn in our state and nation through abortion. About a year ago, we bega...[Read More]


Central to our work is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. What does Abolition have to do with the Great Commission? Find out here. Please read about the Five Tenets of Abolition. Examine the Two Mod...[Read More]

What is Abolitionism

Abolitionists are those who adopt an uncompromising spirit in the face of prevailing injustices and boldly declare that they will not go with the multitude to permit evil (Exodus 23:2). They are those...[Read More]

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