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4 Steps in 4 mins on how to end abortion.

Abortion can and will end if we ALL do these four things. Are you tried of the endless decriminalized murder of babies in our nation. Abortion has been legal fo...[Read More]

ALERT: Finally a Plan to End Abortion! Church, this is Your Wake Up Call!

Over the past couple of years, we have increasingly felt the burn of God’s heart regarding the murdering (aka “issue”) of the unborn in our state and nation thr...[Read More]

Allhandsondeck Live: Thanksgiving show

Did you miss last week’s show. Here you go and subscribe.

Breaking: FBI Reopening Investigation into Hillary’s Emails: By Chris Rush

Big story from the FBI today that is sure to dominate the news cycle this weekend. Congressman Jason Chaffetz has just tweeted : So apparently, the FBI just fou...[Read More]

12 Principles of being a good Father:

how to apply the truths about fatherhood The Father has the affections, the desire for a close relationship, and a plan for each individual. God’s names reveal ...[Read More]

Cruz is the man

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz today appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and discussed the death of Cuba’s longtime oppressive dictator Fidel Castro and the future of U.S.-Cuban ...[Read More]


Central to our work is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. What does Abolition have to do with the Great Commission? Find out here. Please read about the Five ...[Read More]

Hope of Heaven and the Resurrection

The Hope of Heaven and the Resurrection The glory of the gospel The good news of gospel is that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead; thus, all who be...[Read More]

What is Abolitionism

Abolitionists are those who adopt an uncompromising spirit in the face of prevailing injustices and boldly declare that they will not go with the multitude to p...[Read More]

Armageddon Campaign: The Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty

Rapidiously recaptiualize cross-unit initiatives and enterprise-wide resources. Proactively pontificate accurate convergence without next-generation e-services....[Read More]

Protected: The Father heart of GOD

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Dayton and Clinton Tell the Truth About Obamacare: By Chris Rush

Uniquely grow B2B catalysts for change for progressive ROI. Objectively visualize best-of-breed bandwidth before interactive e-services. Authoritatively optimiz...[Read More]

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