About Us

At AllHandsOnDeck, we are here to call everyone to engage in the fight to end abortion. This is our primary focus and we exist to see the abolition of abortion within the next few years. We also want to promote godliness in politics and discuss other important issues such as knowing the signs of the End Times and fatherhood.

Abortion Abolition

AllHandsOnDeck exists to see the end of legal abortion. Our goal is to end it in 4 years. Sound ambitious? It is. But we believe if the CHURCH repents from its apathy and stands up to fight for the preborn, this will come to an end. We are here to help lead the way.

We believe our goal of ending abortion within the next 4 years can be accomplished with 3 key steps:

  1. Intense Prayer: We want Christians to pray intently and purposefully to end abortion. We believe prayer is paramount in this fight, and encourage it first and foremost. Some examples include:
  • Going to prayer meetings to focus on receiving God’s heart for the unborn;
  • Implementing prayer focused on abortion at current prayer meetings;
  • Implementing prayer regarding the death of the unborn during Sunday services;
  • Inviting individuals to pray about abortion in their daily lives, and do likewise.
  1. Going to the Abortion Clinic: We believe going to the abortion clinic where they plan to commit murder is a love your neighbor issue and not a special calling. The bible say in Proverbs 24:11: “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter” (NIV). We can all do this in a way that fits us as individuals, such as:
  • Pray;
  • Hold a sign;
  • Talk to the women and men going into the abortion clinics;
  • Worship Jesus in song create an atmosphere of worship there.
  1. Getting LOUD in the Culture: Our culture is a culture of death. We are apathetic, and with social media, we can avoid talking about complex, controversial issues. We need to confront this issue head on, and there are many ways to do that in a way that brings attention to the need for the abolition of abortion. Here are some of them:
  • Talk about abortion with family and friends (you must bring it up);
  • Preach about the sin of abortion after hearing in Christ for those who need it;
  • Go to the streets in your neighborhood to pass out abortionist literature, distribute drop cards, put posters on light poles, etc.;
  • Help organize the movement through phone calls, e-mails, etc.
  • Raise funds for abolitionist projects, materials, staff and radio shows;
  • Make yourself visible with the AHA symbol;
  • Go to high schools to talk about abortion with students;
  • Volunteer at the pregnancy help center;
  • Start an abolitionist society in high school, church or neighborhood;
  • Attend weekly/monthly abolitionist meetings;
  • Recruit people to local societies;
  • Promote adoption and foster care;
  • Give to AllHandsOnDeck or any abolitionist society;
  • Write letters to leaders, pastors, politicians sharing the need to abolish abortion;
  • Facebook/Blog about the topic;
  • Make videos;
  • Create plays focusing on abortion;
  • Assemble newborn baskets stocked with diapers/wipes, clothes, formula, bottles, pacifiers, lotion, gift cards, etc.;
  • Demand from our politicians the complete end of abortion, and do NOT support any politician unless they are committed to helping abolish abortion. NO EXCEPTIONS, period.



We promote godly candidates at all levels of the federal, state and local governments. Once in office, we promote peacefully petitioning our lawmakers through phone calls, emails, writing letters, and other forms of communications to implement godly policies. We also call the church to pray for our leaders on a daily basis, and for the advancement of policies that will help restore our society to its founding principles.

One of the basic steps in engaging the political scene is to understand who our leaders are, and the important issues at hand. Toward that end, we produce articles on the latest developments in politics and government, and we discuss the important news during our weekly podcast.

End Times

We believe Jesus is coming. And before he comes, there are a lot of events that will happen that will bring many to Jesus, deceive many, bring confusion to the church and the earth. We will dive into all types of topics related to Christian theology, the End Times, and similar issues to help bring clarity in a time great delusion.


We are here to help encourage fathers in their journey of raising children to adulthood and beyond. We believe that being a father is one of the highest callings for a man, but for many in this culture, it can be very difficult and painful. Through our writings, podcasts, and direct mentoring, we are here to help fathers stay involved in their children’s lives and raise them to be godly members of our society.

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