4 Steps in 4 mins on how to end abortion.

4 Steps in 4 mins on how to end abortion.

Abortion can and will end if we ALL do these four things.

Are you tried of the endless decriminalized murder of babies in our nation. Abortion has been legal for over forty years and now is the time that we begin to fight it with a fresh lens and a new plan of action. I lay out in this video how it can be done almost overnight. Please share both the 4 minute video and the longer vision. Abortion can end in four years if we fight it the right way.



Here is a deeper explanation on how we can end abortion.

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chris-rush-pictureChristopher Rush is an author, speaker, evangelist, pro-life activist, and his current book, Another Tornado is Coming, was released in September. Chris is founder of 3 ministries and has a passion for working with inner-city youth and protecting the life of the unborn. This past summer, Chris was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland for Ted Cruz, representing Minnesota’s 4nd District. His current ministry, Allhandsondeck, is a Minnesota-based abortion Abolitionist organization.

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Email: allhandsondeckmn@gmail.com

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  1. Thanks, Chris for calling the church to wake up! May God hear our cries and move through his people. In agreement and active in your 4 steps and working toward involving more of God’s people in the battle:
    1. Incessant PRAYER to abolish abortion now and end the slaughter of the unborn (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
    2. Consistent PRESENCE at abortion clinics to express genuine love for neighbors & rescue from the slaughter (Luke 10; Prov. 24:10-12)
    3. PROCLAIMING truth and calling for end to abortion by actively doing good using whatever gifts and means we can to GET LOUD for justice & righteousness (Micah 6:8; Jer 22:3)
    4. Demanding from POLITICIANS that they correct the injustice and oppression now (Isaiah 1:17)

    I fully agree with the immediacy and call for a complete end to abortion, but I also see clearly that one can uncompromisingly call for this using all of the above means while also supporting measures that chip away at the lies and the murder. For example, putting legislation through that ended partial birth abortion held back from slaughter approximately 18,000 unborn babies a year (if I’m remembering my statistics correctly). Because President Clinton twice vetoed the bill to ban partial-birth abortions during his two terms that represents 144,000 innocent children slaughtered over 8 years. Calling for an end to partial-birth abortion and not supporting legislators or Presidential candidates who support it is not saying that other abortions are acceptable. It is standing in the gap wherever able and exposing the evil deeds of darkness. That Bush made good on this was a pushing back of evil and for that I rejoice as I do over the many measures that have saved lives and exposed evil.

    The British abolitionists pushed for the abolition of the slave trade before they pushed for a complete end to slavery. This does not mean they thought ‘slavery’ was less of an evil than the ‘slave trade’ or that by first calling for one, they in any way minimized the other. They ‘regulated’ the trading of slaves before they stopped slavery completely. They were strategic and uncompromising in their calling out the evil of slavery and the slave trade, the mockery that it was to the image of God in man, and calling Christians to account in their complacency. The ending of the slave trade was the beginning of the end of slavery.

    Likewise, exposing the reality of the murder of the innocent by exposing specific methods and death tolls is moving us to the abolition of abortion. We are not glibly ‘regulating’ murder, but keeping some from slaughter while at the same time calling for an end to ALL abortion. Getting truth out there – Gospel truth as it speaks to the image of God in man, the truth of the necessity for repentance, the truth that exposes the lies surrounding the abortion industry & ‘pro-choice’ propaganda all speak to the truth of the fact that all abortion is murder and needs to end now.

    The church has been too silent for too long. I do believe there is a stirring of the Spirit happening though, and if we can encourage one another to love and good deeds and get “All Hands On Deck” as outlined above I am hopeful that we will soon see the abolition of human abortion.

    Keep up the good fight!


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