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In 2013 when praying about abortion I heard the Lord say to me: “Allhandsondeck” and that He wants the Pastors, Janitors, Youth Workers the whole church to begin to address the issue of abortion and to be active in ending abortion.

Just as if a tornado came to your local city, you would do something to help. Fighting abortion is not a special “Calling” on the contrary, if we begin to fight as ONE together we could end it quickly.

Here are the 4 steps the Lord gave to end abortion:

  1. Prayer
    Home -Church services – City wide
  2. Going to your local abortion clinic to:
    Hold a sign – Worship – Pray Speak to girls and guys going in
  3. Getting loud within our culture and communities.
    Begin to use your gifts, talents and your platform to bring attention to the need to abolish abortion.
  4. Demand from politicians the total abolishment of abortion on both state and national wide level.
justo et, leo ut sit eleifend ut
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